Things you don’t find within your comfort zone

And now for some unsolicited advice. Amid caffeine-induced insomnia, old-fashioned cramming and wallpapering the apartment with anatomical charts, a somewhat out-of-character activity might be just the thing to increase your cerebral capacity during the last days of pre-exam frenzy.

My friend Eva has not only put up with listening to, but graciously helped me navigate just about any rough patch I’ve been through for as long as we’ve known each other. And she knows what I need before I do.

Following the arrival of their youngest member of the pack, logistics and life have changed somewhat. There are now four dogs flocking around a happily bouncing mini-person, just to state the obvious. Incidentally the little guy is half Turkish, and has as such a natural inclination towards musical expression.

Eva was going to take pictures to promote their studio where parents and infants meet for early rhythmic education. Problem was, she only has two arms. I happened to have an idle pair and desperately needed a change of air. The deal was done! Truth be told, I had mixed feelings about believably blending into aforementioned demographic. We ended up having loads of fun and the little man was beyond cool. Just look at him flipping the bird at my percussion efforts.


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